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Creed XS Camo Review

Matthews Creed XS Review

Mathews has produced another high quality compact hunting bow with the Creed XS. Sporting a forgiving 7.5 -inch brace height, decent speeds up to 321 feet per second, and virtually no hand shock, the Creed XS is sure to be the bow of choice for many shooters and hunters. I have been a bow hunter for 25 years owned 8 different bow and now my Creed XS and I have to say they have “simply” out done their selves this time. The Creed XS is by far the smoothest shooting bow I have ever owned and is extremely accurate (sub 2″ groups@ 40yds).

The Mathews Creed XS gives shooters a lot of forgiveness in a little package. Forgiveness in a hunting bow is not something that should be taken lightly and the Creed XS helps with that. To put it simply the Mathews Creed XS just feels good. It is well balanced and incredibly smooth. When you draw back, you hit a rock solid back wall and with 80% let off, you know you’re not going anywhere. I shot this bow very well and had very consistent groups out to 80+ yards.

Pro Series HSS 6
Pro Series HSS 6

Pro Series HSS 6

Before I tried this product my opinion of tree stand safety was that it was cumbersome and complicated. I actually dreaded the 15 minutes I would fumble around with a safety device putting it on inside out, where it was uncomfortable and in the way. Those days are over.

The Pro Series HSS 6 is the ultimate in tree stand safety. I can put this on and take it off in the dark with my gloves on in a few seconds. Not only is it simple but the ventilated mesh is breathable and very comfortable. This vest does not get in your way in your treestand or while you are shooting. The saddle style leg straps distribute weight evenly with no dangling straps. Quick snap buckles are lightweight and secure. Deep pockets are also a nice feature on this vest. The pockets are flapped and secured with heavy duty stitching and ribbed seams. They are both durable and functional.Secure, simple, lightweight and comfortable all describe the Pro Series HSS 6. Safety made simple.


G5 Montec Broadhead

The G5 Montec is absolutely awesome! The Montec is everything you can ask for in a broadhead. It’s razor sharp, precision steel construction makes this hunting tip deadly accurate and extremely durable. The 100 grain Montec shot identical to my field points from 10 yards out to 50 yards. I like to sharpen my broadheads periodically throughout the season and I found the Montec very easy to sharpen. G5 has taken modern day broadhead technology to a new level. WOW!


Border Crossing Labs & VS1

HHC prostaff used the VS1 doe estrus scent and the Deer Herd in a Stick, both of these products are absolutely fantastic! I spent 25 out of 27 days in the deer woods of Minnesota, Michigan, and Kansas during the last week of October and the first three weeks of November and drove whitetail bucks crazy. I put the VS1 doe estrous in my Stink Stick scent dispenser and let the wind do the rest. I had 34 different bucks within shooting range during this time and each buck got a nose full of VS1. VS1 is the Real Deal! One of our clients had this to say about VS1, “the 2007 rut was very sporadic, but VS1 brought the bucks to me!” I have tried dozens of different estrous scents and deer attractants, but have never had this type of success and consistency. VS1 is the best doe estrous product on the market today!


Stink Stick Scent Dispenser

The Stink Stick is the ultimate scent dispenser.
I have been bow hunting for over 20 years and have tried dozens of different products to store and dispense expensive deer scents and until the Stink Stick I have hated all of them. The Stink Stick serves a dual purpose; the airtight construction and synthetic wick stores your expense deer urine and with a simple twist of the cap dispenses the odor into your hunting area. Hang the Stink Stick in your shooting lane, mark it with your range finder and it makes a great yardage marker. No more stinky backpacks or fanny packs, when the cap is locked down tight absolutely no odor escapes. Stink Sticks come in brown, green, orange, camo, glow in the dark, and even pink for you lady bow hunters. Replaceable wicks are available for the standard Stink Stick and the magnum. Be careful not to twist the cap too tight, a few times this season I twisted he cap down too tight and had a hard time opening it the next time out. I quickly learned to snug the cap down and not over tighten. The Stink Stick is awesome, one bottle of VS-1 estrous urine lasted all season. Check out their website for a dealer near you or order directly from their site.

Road Trips Jacket
Road Trips Pants

Realtree Road Trips Fleece

The pro staff of Heartland Hunting Consultants wore the Realtree Road Trips Fleece Hunting Suite in 2007 and absolutely loved everything about this hunting garment. The outer shell of the garment is made of fleece; this soft material makes the garment both silent and comfortable, two very important things to all bow hunters. The sides of the jacket draw tight, keeping the jacket clear of your bowstring. The jacket has a pocket on the chest, a very convenient place for your range finder. The cuffs have the Body Lock Technology to hold in any possible human odor loss through the sleeves. I found the Velcro to be a little noisy, but this technology is great for containing scent. The pants have a very comfortable waistband and dual access cargo pockets on both legs. Both garments use carbon scent absorbing technology and a wind blocker fabric. Personally I wish the pockets were fastened closed with magnets instead of the snaps and I don’t like any Velcro on my hunting garments, but overall this is a great hunting suite. The Road Trips Fleece is a must for all bow hunters.


It was an August day and I could not believe my eyes. Forty yards in front of me a buck was working my mock scrape that I had applied 10 days earlier.First of all it was August, secondly in that 10 days, 4 of those days were raining. From that day on I was a believer in the Buck Fever Pre Rut Synthetic scents. Buck Fever Synthetic Deer Scents work and they last.
I have been using Vanashing Hunter over the last few seasons and have had many deer down wind of me that either don’t know I am there or do not get enough of me to smell me as a threat. In fact, this season I was in a stand one evening without any prevailing wind, only twelve feet in the air. I had a doe milling around me for most of my sit, she actually picked me out at one time and walked directly underneath the stand, nose in the air as far as she could stretch. I could see her nostrils flexing, trying to bring me in, not more then seven feet away. She could not figure it out, she could see me a few feet away, the thermals coming to her, but could not smell me. She continued to feed for another hour with in shooting distance. I will never forget that sit.


Mathews DXT Bow Review

The Mathews DXT is just 29 3/4 inches long axle to axle and it had the Mathews SlimLimbs. This bow weighs in at only 3.75lbs. This balance of small size and lightweight actually produces a lot of speed, clocking in at 322fps. The DXT’s Slim Limbs are constructed of next generation SE4 composite claiming to last twice as long as traditional limbs and come with a lifetime-guarantee. The DXT features include a long list of Mathews’ relentless innovations such as a perimeter-weighted cam, parallel limb design, Harmonic Dampers, String Suppressors, a roller guard, the SphereLock Pivoting Limb Cup system, and Mathews new Lost Camo pattern. I must say that the DXT performed outstanding for me. It is smooth to draw, quiet, and no hand shock at all. I have the 7 inch brace height and it is very forgiving.This may be the ultimate hunting bow.


Rivers Edge Review March 2010

Rivers Edge provides Hang On and Ladder stands in addition to climbing sticks and ladders. Rivers Edge stands provide safety, simplicity and comfort. The Hang On and Ladder stands are easy and quick to install and provide excellent stability. We assisted one of our outfitters place 45 Hang On and Ladder stands and climbing sticks. The feedback from the hunters was all positive! Rivers Edge deer stands provide exceptional quality at a fair price.